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Deep Excavation, Shoring, and Civil Construction Services.

We provide deep excavating, shoring, and civil construction services for BC’s top real estate developers and project managers. With deep industry experience and a commitment to quality, reliability, and transparency, we complete large-scale projects on time and on budget.

Deep Excavation

Deep Excavation

With our industry experience and capability for creative solutions, large-scale development partners trust us to perform deep excavation work without complications or quality compromises. Even when ground and weather conditions present challenges, we perform. Our specialties include detail excavation and work in environmentally delicate areas.



Shoring services must lead to safe and functional outcomes—no exceptions. We have comprehensive expertise in shoring solutions that match the needs of each project and its natural environment. Our shoring services include:

Soldier Pile and Lagging

Retaining earth by creating a system of steel piles and timber or sprayed shotcrete laggings

Pressure / Chemical Grouting

Turning soil and rock into a cemented mass in order to create groundwater barriers, underpin foundations, provide excavation support, and/or stabilize soils

Soil Nails

Providing excavation support with nails that reinforce in situ soils and create retaining walls


Sculpting, texturing, or staining concrete to create natural-looking surfaces that blend with environments

Hydraulic Shoring

Supporting a trench’s sidewalls, especially near structures, curbs, or sidewalks or for pipe installations

Civil Infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure

Civil infrastructure shapes the communities we live in. As such, this work requires care, attention to detail, and a commitment to safe and functional outcomes. Our industry partners trust us to provide installation and removal, storm and sanitary sewers, water supply mains, road works, reinforced concrete, retaining walls, streetlights, and general earthworks.

Site Preperation

Site Preparation

We have years of experience providing safe and efficient site preparation services with excellent outcomes. This expertise includes land clearing, bulk excavation, pre-loading, backfill, lock-blocks and retaining walls. Our partners trust us to stay on budget and schedule, enabling a strong start to their construction projects.



We offer numerous options for professional demolition services. Our demolition team is qualified and experienced to safely complete any demolition project for residential, government, and commercial structures. We ensure our team is adequately trained and aware of the safety protocols required to do the job safely every time.

With years of deep excavating, shoring, and civil construction experience, we are helping our large-scale developer and project management partners to create safe, functional communities.

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